The Factory Pattern

In continuation of my previous blogs on Design Patterns we come to the Factory pattern. As a quick reminder design patterns are solutions created for commonly found problems. The Factory pattern is a creational pattern meaning that it is a best practice for how to create an object. Let’s check it out.

The factory pattern objective is extensibility, expandable. It is often used in applications that manage, maintain, or manipulate collections of object that are different but also have many similar characteristics, i.e. methods, properties, modules. …


As I discussed in a previous blog Design Patterns are commonly found ways to approach specific problems. Today I bring to you the Builder design pattern, one of the creational type design patterns. The idea behind the design pattern is to construct complex objects step by step that produce different types and representations while using the same construction code.

The Problem that it is try to solve is creating complex objects with many initializations of many different fields and nest objects. Many times when people create objects they create them with the intention of a few parameters that may…

Let’s talk about Flex baby!

Let’s talk about my website and me. I have not been good about really trying to learn more CSS on my path of growth as a Software developer. However, I was having some problems with my Portfolio site not quite rendering how I wanted it to. A friend of mine pointed out that it could be about all the inheritance issues that I was causing by all the different ways I was trying to implement flexbox. He told me to take a good look at CSS-Tricks’s Guide to Flexbox. …

Singleton, Part 1

Recently I had a senior developer point out the gaps in my knowledge in Computer Science and Javascript. One of the questions he asked me if I knew what were Design Patterns. I stopped like a deer in headlights wondering what he meant, I couldn’t even really come up with an educated guess so he told me to look into Singleton, Builder, Factory, and Observer. Let’s start with Singleton.

Well actually before we start let’s explain what are design patterns.

Design Patterns are documented solution to commonly occurring problems in software engineering. Engineers don’t have to bang…

Making your Repo’s ReadMe better

No this blog is not going to go over how to fill your Github Repo pop with Markdown tips and tricks. I’m going to go over the essential element of these readme’s and that’s explaining how to use your code. To be fair, I’ve not written a lot of readme’s so I can’t tell you that what I’m about to tell you will work. What I can tell you is my experience using other people’s code and not really knowing what I’m supposed to do during certain moments.

In order for me to explain what…

My first experience in a fresh software team

Take a second and think of the first team you may have been asked to be part of. Maybe it was in a junior sports team that your parents forced you into, maybe you were forced to create a team in kindergarten to achieve some goal, maybe you were asked to just play tug of war. What you may remember is how the final goal was achieve, maybe the way something came down to the last second, or maybe just how fun it all felt. What you probably don’t remember is the…

Using an Algo Question to explain it

So earlier this week I’ve attended multiple different Algo Clubs and tutorials. One of which taught me about recursion and similar patters that go along with them.

The problem we went over was

Given a number n, count minimum steps to minimize it to 1 according to the following criteria:

If n is divisble by 2 then we may reduce n to n/2
If n is divisble by 3 then we may reduce n to n/3
Or decrement n by 1

On my first attempt I want for the greedy approach since I’m…

A simple explanation

Me everytime I try to figure out CORS

I know that I’ve run into issues with CORS but I didn’t quite understand what it was. One of the first times I ran into this issue is when I set up Rails as a Web App but not as an API, so when my Frontend was making requests to my Backend I was getting CORS error Allow-Control-Allow-Origin. At first I did not understand this problem as I didn’t know what was going on. …

“If you can’t code, you’re illiterate” ?

Will one day this be like reading a dense book?

A few days ago I joined a Software Developer Social and as we were all trying to get over our social anxiety someone said “In the future, coding will be just as important as reading. If you can’t do it you’ll be considered illiterate”. Upon first hearing this I thought back to my college days, when I was super obsessed with tech, it reminded me how little I understood about how subjects become necessity over time in society. …

My first experience with the website and the algorithm question I got asked

Alright so I’ve been out of bootcamp for 2 months now and I’ve had a lot to do. Keeping up with the latest tech events to attend, networking, applying for jobs, making sure my resume and LinkedIn look great, and on top of all of that I’ve been practicing Data Algorithms and Structures.

Recently I was introduced to Pramp a free peer 2 peer platform to bring software engineers from all directions to improve on their interview skills. It’s a really cool site where you ask someone…

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