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  • Patrick Young

    Patrick Young

  • Qiskit


    An open source quantum computing framework for writing quantum experiments and applications

  • Abby Mitchell

    Abby Mitchell

    I’m a Quantum Developer Advocate at IBM. I’m particularly passionate about Quantum Computing and encouraging women to pursue careers in technology.

  • James Ardery

    James Ardery

    Budding Software Engineer trying to find the tie that binds 🤔

  • Warren Niu

    Warren Niu

    Uncovering the truths of Software Engineering one story at a time. Former Healthcare Administrator and proud dad of my Pomeranian, Nami. Based in Brooklyn, NY

  • Riley Redfern

    Riley Redfern

  • Gabriel Hicks

    Gabriel Hicks

    Software Engineer from Iowa, living in NYC. Interested in new technologies and exploring opportunities to grow. https://gabrielhicks.dev

  • Jamie Uttariello

    Jamie Uttariello

    developer. entrepreneur. student.

  • Bryn Knowles

    Bryn Knowles

    Software Engineer // JavaScript | React Hooks | Ruby on Rails

  • Julia Zolotarev

    Julia Zolotarev

    Software Engineer; hospitality enthusiast; lover of ice cream.

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