How true is …

Will one day this be like reading a dense book?

How do we use Computers today?

While I am currently pursuing coding and software development as a career, it’s important to note that there is no barrier of entry for using a computer. Computers have been developed to have wonderfully intuitive interfaces that even toddlers can understand. Bright color patterns, responsive designs, clear labels, and so much more combine to give us websites that we can recognize what to do immediately. No amount of coding is needed to use the computer, you just follow your intuition and you can do so much from the start.

It was confusing and slow back then
How my dad feels about computers now

“What if I want some specific thing that doesn’t exist?”

Well still nothing really stopping you, you could create it yourself and more power to you if you could. However, all those apps that you see aren’t just a simple pieces of code. They are multiple frameworks, libraries, and other components built to make extraordinary things. You could spend your time to learn and build with every technology that you need, it would eventually be easier to bring in other people who have learned the pieces you need.

“I can make anything cause I can code”

Well you can code out a script to create something for people to use. You can create tools that with general purpose to capture wide audiences or you can build tools with such niche uses that only specific groups need them. Sure this is great, you are coming up with solutions for a variety of problems, but you can’t solve all the problems with code. No one is knocked down for not knowing how to garden, build a house, draw a picture, or any other subject. These things are just important as coding and not everyone will have the skills to do all of these.


Knowledge in code is helpful I can’t refute that. Is it the most important thing to know to continue in a functional society? Definitely not. Computer Science like any other field is a specific topic that you can eventually specialize in. I gladly welcome anyone who wants to learn in, you’ll open up opportunities that you didn’t even know about. If this isn’t your interest you’re not anything less for not knowing. To my coders out there, don’t set up our future generation’s anxiety by setting expectations. Instead encourage anyone who wants to check out our field and give them patience through their journey into computer programming.



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